We offer a full suite of technical services – our motto is, “If a computer is involved, we can do it!”

  • Custom software – including traditional desktop software, and web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Database and data-intensive applications
  • Client/server applications
  • Network installation and configuration, including installation of network cable
  • Server installation, configuration, and administration
  • Hardware assessment, and recommendations for repairs or upgrades
  • PC diagnosis, tune-up, and/or repair
  • Custom PC construction – a lost art, but we enjoy building machines customized to our clients’ needs!
  • Printer, telephone, and various other office equipment configuration and diagnosis

We offer these services on as as-needed basis, but we also have a retainer model available: For $800 per month, our clients enjoy the security of knowing that they have our services for 10 hours every month. This reduces the panic that often accompanies an IT issue in an office setting.

This list covers most of what we do, however it is not meant to be exhaustive. If you have an idea or questions regarding computer services, please contact us to discuss where you would like to go. We can likely either help implement your plan, or refer you to a qualified provider that specializes in your area of need.